Monday, March 16, 2009


basket-weave heels!
only RM60!

this one is restockable!! email them to order babes!! they bring in rare items every week!
look at those studded bracelet!!

shoplifters have 4 themes, they will update every week.

monday: Monday Monsieur --> men's collection
tuesday: Neve Fashion Tuesday --> brand new items
wed: Vintage Wednesday --> vintage baby!
thursday: d.i.y Thursday --> d.i.y stuffs

cool eyh?

visit them --> TheShoplifters



ami schaheera said...

hey babe, thx for the review. the acid wash jeans is restockable and the heels is RM69 and nope we don't have it in size 9 unfortunately XD

thanks again!

-shoplifter ami

TheSkinnyGeometry said...

owh really! hee..hey im 175cm tall, bole fit ke with the length of ur acid wash jeans? ;p

The Shoplifters said...

Here is the full description dear:

Skinny-fit destroyed jeans in stonewashed blue indigo, a bit low waisted. One that Debbie Harry would wear back in those days. Back pockets, belt loops, all the essentials of a pair of perfect jeans. Get yours to be worn with that black blazer and slinky top and that badass studded heels or boots. Made of very high quality denim, not the thin material. Comes in multi-sizes as well, one for each of you ;) Restockable depending on demands.
Size 25 : waist(low) - 28", length - 35.5", fits UK4
Size 26 : waist(low) - 29", length - 36", fits UK6
Size 27 : waist(low) - 30", length - 36.5", fits UK8
Size 28 : waist(low) - 31", length - 37", fits UK10
Size 29 : waist (low) - 32", length - 37.5" fits UK12

Hope that helps :P